Mining Management System

Web based Mining Management System that is specifically designed for all types of Mining organisations to automate the overall Mining process. 

Below are the key features of the system: 

1. Automatic integration and data entry for Bills, Royalty and GST with Accounting System i.e Tally
2. Automated Invoicing based on per CFT / MT
3. Integration with GST India Portal to automatically fetch the buyer’s details
4. End to end Automation of overall process flow; Check in, Loading / Measurement, Royalty/Billing, Check out
5. Allocation of machineries based upon location, site, material rate, material type
6.  Diesel Management and machinery average management module
7. Whatsapp and Email notifications on Machinery Refilling and Average Usage
8.  Centralized data of vehicles with driver information and vehicle’s dimensions
9. Automated DSR based upon shift timings
10. Automated hourly report of each milestone on Email and Whatsapp 
11. Automated alerts on Whatsapp in case of deviation in material loaded in vehicle
12. Multiple Management Reports such as Place of Supply, Audit Reports, Accounting Report, Time Lapse Report at each Milestone etc.
13. Multiple sites management and inter site integration
14. Materials rate management based upon material type and loading location
15. Dedicated mobile app for check-in, vehicle measurement/weighment etc.
16. Barcoded slips/ entry receipts at check-in to manage the overall procedure automatically in the premises
17. Inventory and Raw Material stock management module

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